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Titan Networks was established in 2011 and strives to provide an affordable solution for companies and end users, when it comes to server and desktop operating systems. As the IT market moves into open source software, we believe that Linux based systems are going to become more prominent in the corporate and end users lives. With a combined experiance of 38 years between the 2 partners in the IT industry, Titan Networks can design and implement local and wide area networks for any business in any market, currently servicing Durban and surrounding areas. Having extensive experience in Microsoft and Linux based servers, we believe that we can supply tailored IT solutions for small, medium and corporate businesses.

We support the following server platforms.

* All Linux based servers (Mail, Anti-Spam, Firewall, Data Storage)

* All Microsoft Windows Servers

We support the following desktop platforms.

* All Linux Desktops

* All Microsoft Windows Desktops

* All MAC OS Desktops

We support the following Office Suite's.

* All Releases of Microsoft Office

* Libre Office (Free modern easy to use open source suite)

* Open Office (Free older type open source suite)

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